The stunning Turkish resort of Kalkan

Top tips for your safe holiday travel

Thursday 16 July

'Should we stay or should we go' is the question on the lips of many a holiday maker in Summer 2020, especially as the school holidays are looming large.

Sue Flynn owns Leeds-based travel company Kalkan Magic, a company that has been sending holidaymakers to the Turquoise Coast resort of Kalkan, for over 15 years. She believes that while travel may not be on the radar for everyone this summer, there are certainly ways of staying safe in these Covid 19 times for those that are yearning for that summer sun.

“There are risks associated with all of our everyday activities and travelling is obviously a risk, but if you are otherwise healthy, it is a huge shame to miss out on a hard-earned holiday that means enjoying family time, relaxing and making memories in beautiful places. Most places like restaurants and watering holes in the Med are outdoors which is the best setting especially along with the high UV levels to help kill off any rogue viruses on surfaces.

“It should also be remembered that people don't just travel for holidays but also for work reasons, family events, births and deaths. There are ways of making your travel plans and your summer break as safe and secure as possible.”


• Don't get to the airport too early, to minimise time spent in the company of other passengers.

• If you will need refreshments, take your own, even if it is just a sandwich and light refreshments. That way you don't have to queue in the airport shops, handle money or touch pre-packed goods. It will also save you money!

• If you can, avoid checking in luggage. Opt for carry on luggage instead especially if your airline is offering a decent hand baggage allowance. Jet2 offers 10kg which should be enough.

• Get smart with space saving vacuum bags – this will save oodles of suitcase space and mean you can pack your summer essentials smartly in a carry on case. That way, you can exit the destination airport quickly and smoothly without joining the throngs at the luggage carousel.

• If you have no option but to check in suitcases, give the handles a careful wipe with an alcohol sanitiser wipe as it will have been handled several times throughout the journey.

• Make sure you download plenty of movies for family viewing and to keep children occupied. The less touching of toys and books the better.

• It is best to minimise engagement with fellow passengers – limit any pleasantries and keep chat to a minimum (it's not that easy with a mask anyway!)- keep your head down and read a book, kindle or tablet (you can sanitise it after).

• Choose your accommodation carefully – if you don't want to come across anyone else in the pool, consider a private pool or a property without a pool but close to the beach.

• If you book a villa or apartment, either privately or through a tour operator, ask what additional cleaning is being undertaken, is the property being fully sanitised between guests in addition to a normal cleaning regime? Ask if there will be supplies of hand sanitiser provided in the property or if you have to take a plentiful supply of your own.

• Check what restrictions are in place in resorts. Some destinations have rules for the wearing of masks in supermarkets and some public places like markets.

• Make sure you have a card for payment – Revolut is perfect then you aren't handling currency. Or Halifax Clarity Card to get the best possible rate.

So there are ways to maximise safety both on the ground and in the air and get that well-earned holiday that we spend all year dreaming about. Obviously, travel isn't for everyone at the moment and if you are not comfortable don't do it. But holidays are often linked to wellness, boosting Vitamin D levels and mental health so if you are yearning for some summer rays, you can take heart!