Pictured at the Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen, the Netherlands, after being presented with a special Royal Dutch Mint 'Europe Remembers' coin are the United Kingdom's Ambassadors to the Netherlands Peter Wilson (left) and his Canadian counterpart, Lisa Hefland.

United Kingdom's Ambassador receives special remembrance coin from the Royal Dutch Mint

Wednesday 2 July

The Royal Dutch Mint's CEO Bert van Ravenswaaij has presented the first issues of the coin set “Europe Remembers” to the ambassadors of the United Kingdom and Canada, in the presence of a representative of the Europe Remembers 1944-1945 project.

The reception took place in Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Hotel de Wereld is known as the site where the full surrender of the German occupation in the Netherlands was officialised. In the coin set the commemorative coins in honour of 75 of freedom issued by England, Canada and the Netherlands are brought together.

Hotel de Wereld

On 5 May 1945 the allied Canadian General Charles Foulkes negotiated the terms of surrender with the German occupiers of the Netherlands in Hotel de Wereld. The Canadian general favoured the hotel because of its location at the former front, the absence of civilians due to the evacuation and its metaphorical name: “de Wereld” is Dutch for “the World”. In honour of 75 years of freedom, the ambassador of Canada, Lisa Helfand, and the ambassador of the United Kingdom, Peter Wilson, received the coin sets titled “Europe Remembers” at this meaningful site.

Europe Remembers

At the reception, a representative of the project Europe Remembers 1944-1945 was present as well. Europe Remembers is an initiative by the Liberation Route Europe Foundation and its most important partners. In 2019 and 2020, Europe commemorates the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The project aims to call attention to the important years of remembrance by stimulating remembrance tourism and by inspiring visitors to learn more about history.

Silver commemorative coins

The coin set “Europe Remembers” presents the pure silver commemorative coins of England, Canada and the Netherlands: three countries that were involved in ending the Second World War. All coins are legal tender in the country of issue. The commemorative coins are placed in an oak coin holder with a glass panel, manufactured by the Dutch company Royal Leerdam Crystal. This collector’s item in honour of 75 years of freedom is available now at the Royal Dutch Mint: www.royaldutchmint.com/europeremembers